After 15 years of training on my own and getting nowhere, training with Jev has changed my life. He taught me about the importance of a proper diet as well as varied training techniques that prevent injury and get results. The results are better then I could ever have imagined (even though it’s been very hard work!). Thanks Jev!

Tomas from Muscleworks Gym, UKBFF British Finalist

Jev was my coach for my first ever competition preparation in 2012 at the Body Power event at Birmingham. With his bags of knowledge about nutrition and training and motivation which pushed me through my toughest times, I was able to come on stage in my best shape. I placed a respectful 2nd place in the Classic Bodybuilding category and qualified for UKBFF British Finals.

Without Jev’s help I would have never achieved such a result. I would highly recommend Jev as a personal trainer and mentor no matter what your goals are: weight loss, weight gain or to just stay fit. You will not be disappointed in his service.

I will be continuing to work with Jev closely to achieve even greater results in sport.

Tomas from Muscleworks

George Norval

Jev is a very dedicated and passionate trainer!  I had always wanted to compete in a bodybuilding competition and to get myself in the best ever condition, however, I never had the self discipline or the specific knowledge on nutrition/competitive training to prepare for a show.  For a while I started training with a ‘bad’ coach which had me way off the track to achieving my goal.  I decided to move on and to join Muscleworks (Bethnal Green) in late October 2012 where I met Jev.

Jev was one of the first people I spoke to at the Gym and found his knowledge of bodybuilding/nutrition/training top notch and he (without me asking so) offered me assistance and pointed areas I needed to work on (he even corrected me on his own accord whilst I was training correcting my technique).  After a trial session with him I came to the conclusion that I have wasted a large amount of time training incorrectly and appointed him as my coach during the remainder of my off-season and as prep coach!  Since then Jev has took control of my nutrition and training program and we started concentrating on areas I am lagging in – my physique changed within 3 weeks of training with him and all this for the better.  We are now preparing for my first competition on 12 May 2013.

When not in the gym, Jev has always been on the other side of the phone/e-mail whenever I have a question or a concern – you will always get an answer pronto.  I am so happy to train with a coach like him as he is not just my coach but I also consider him a friend – he has a sincere interest in your development as an athlete and in you as a person.

I cannot recommend Jev highly enough!  If you are serious about your training needs and nutrition then Jev is your man!


George Norval

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