Hey Guys. So today is Friday 16.04.2016. I am well in week 4 of my Keto Diet. Feel great, don’t have carb cravings, full of energy during  day. In the evenings feel a bit tired, but on diet, trying to loose weight (or should I say burn fat, as we trying to loose fat not the muscles) when you on a deficit of calories, training hard and doing enough of cardio, we always going to feel tired.

So yesterday I was very happy with progress and my weight was 1.2kg less compare to same day week before. but something went wrong as today my weight is exactly the same as yesterday 98.4kg. was a bit disappointed. But didn’t stress because my checkpoint is on Sunday morning. So if I hit my Target weight on Sunday I will be ok. Nothing was wrong with diet during day before, only couple sugar free Redbulls and 2 Quest protein bars in the evening :) I should admit  I am a bit addicted to Quest protein bars. Because its only 2-3g of net carbs in them I can eat them from time to time.  But recently I was snaking on them quite often. But they gone now so I don’t need to worry about them any more.

To make sure I do everything I can to meet my target weight I will reduce my overall calories from fats and little bit from protein for the rest of days and will add morning cardio 30-40min on working days and 1hour on weekends.

P.S.: #TIP If on your diets you like check your weight daily and came across one of those days when you didn’t loose any weigh or may be even gained a little, DON’T STRESS because  tomorrow you may loose more. Our bodies are sometimes unpredictable and having some stress during the day can sometimes slow down our progress. As long you have positive progress after next day you don’t need to stress  yourself.I

I am a bit late on my updates so will post my next update which is going to be about my  checkpoint day, Sunday very soon.