KETO BLOG. DAY #28 17.04.2016

So today was my check point weight in day. The weight was 97.6kg. Last week my weight was 98.2, the week before 99kg, 27Mar2016 – 99.7kg. 99.7 kg – this is where i started my KETO JOURNEY.
First things first.: its week 4 finished of my Keto Diet. I feel great. No carbs cravings whatsoever. Energy levels high. I still pushing as hard through my workouts as before. A little tiredness in the evenings, but that is general condition while trying loose weight and training hard and doing a lot of cardio.
I could do less cardio off course but at the moment i am in competition prep like, so i feel the need to push as i would push for competition.

So 2.1 kg down in 4 weeks. Thats 0.5kg weekly on average. Not much. But to take in consideration that i am doing it completely naturally and only introduced mild fat burner last week. And mostly for boosting effect before workout.
I am trying to increase my weight loss to about 0.8-1kg per week. At the moment last week i only dropped 0.6kg. So slightly behind. EVEN I DIDN’T HIT MY WEIGHT TARGET LAST WEEK, i didn’t reduce my refeed day macros as refeed for KETO athlete is VERY IMPORTANT. I reduced my overall calories from protein and fat and add morning cardio when i saw last Friday i am behind on weight loss. Its disnt bring me result i was waiting for. Mainly because probably my body switched to ketosis now and its not that big stress for it as it was first 3 weeks.
Plan for next week is to keep morning cardio daily, do an additional 4-5 sessions of post training cardio. Remember that my cardio i LSD type at max HR at 120bpm average. There is a reason behind that but about it another time.

P.S.: REMEMBER THAT ATHLETES TRYING TO SAVE MUSCLES and burn as much fat as possible. Not only shift weight on scale.
So as you probably understood by now I am on cyclic Ketonic Diet. For normal person, not an athlete or someone who is overweight and dont care much about their muscle preservation Full Keto would be good way forward. BUT… FOR TRAINING ATHLETE, ESPECIALLY FOR A COMPETING ATHLETE Cyclic Keto Diet need to be used. How to do it, is different story.