KETO BLOG Day #17:
Today is Day 3 of Full Keto after my first carb reefed day.
Feeling much better now. Going into Week 3 of Keto Diet. No carb cravings but still feel hungry very often.
Weight went up 2.5kg from reefed.  Off course its mostly water. In 2 days after reefed i lost 1.6kg that water, but thats not enough for me. Back to 100kg weight. In next few days my goal is to loose another 2 kg which will bring me to 1kg loss per week. What is good margin for natural training athlete. Yes, i am training naturally for over 10 months. :)
Mistake No1 i made is i didn’t drink enough water on Day 1 and 2 after reefed. So didn’t lost enough. At the moment i am not using any fat burners or preworkouts as want to do blood test in week time. Need to check my blood. That’s going to be my 3rd blood test after i start training completely natural and i hoping to see good progression in blood results.