Today i am stepping in to week 4 of my Keto Diet. I Should say that first 2 weeks were not easy as your body adapts to different diet and hormonal changes. Week 3 was much easier. I didn’t have carb cravings but start having fat cravings :)) which is good sign of my body switching to fats as fuel source.
Thats general problem with some of guys who try to switch from carbs to Keto diets. They quit before their bodies switching to ketosis because they feel craving and generally feel bad. It takes about 3 weeks of under 50g carbs a day for your body to switch to ketosis. And you have to be strict, i mean really strict.
My Progress is going very well. Even with only 4x45min cardio sessions last week i managed to loose 0.9kg which is only 10% short from my 1kg weekly lost goal. My daily macros at the moment are around 220-250g protein, 110-125g fats, 20-30g carbs. Only carbs comes from meats, veggies and nuts/nut butters. I dont consume any other carbs through the day and i feel fine and dont even think about carbs.

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